She possesses the gift of listening deeply

The depth and breadth of Tania Ehman’s coaching abilities loom far beyond what I ever expected. Tania taught me a way to think and speak differently, not just for the TEDx stage, but for life. She possesses the gift of listening deeply to her student, to learn their speaking patterns, where they naturally take breaths, how they think and where their passions lie so that they can develop their best talk using their own voice.

Tania was compassionate to the sensitive nature of my talk and one day said “I know that this feels like walking over broken glass for you and you are doing it.” Her ability to use metaphors to capture how I felt, at any given moment, is a gift that very few possess. Her desire to assure that her student’s presentation is the best it can be is palpable to anyone who has the honor to work with her.

She prepares her students for every aspect of a talk including how to respond, with decorum and grace, if something goes wrong – whether it is forgetting one’s place in their talk to a technical snafu to an interference from audience member to an earthquake. They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I have had many teachers throughout my lifetime.
Tania is the best one by far.

Susan Shofer
Author, Divorce Expert, Speaker

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