Most brilliant speaking coach I’ve ever worked with

My life changed the day I met Tania – she is the most brilliant speaking coach I’ve ever worked with – and she has spoiled me for any other coach, so I’m sticking with her! In a very short time, she has guided me to speak at both Get Inspired Vancouver and most recently at TEDx Bear Creek Park. I know this would not have happened without her.

Because Tania is herself an experienced award-winning speaker with years in this field, she knows exactly what to showcase in her clients, how to help them through the potential pitfalls, and how to catapult them into the success they’re after. Her lively spirit and wonderful sense of humour make it all fun – even the more challenging parts.

But what I appreciate most about Tania is her honesty. When she gives me constructive feedback, I know that she is teaching me to be the best speaker I can be. And when she tells me how well I’m doing, I know I can believe her – and that level of trust is hard to find.

If you’re looking for the best speaking coach in the world – in my opinion, of course (but I’m right!) – look no further. And enjoy the ride – you’ll have fun!

Candace Plattor, M.A., R.C.C.
Addictions Therapist

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