Speech Writing

“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”
Thomas Jefferson
Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach

What If … Every time you delivered a speech,  everyone was hanging on your every word?

What If … Everything you said was being thought over and absorbed by your listeners?

The captivating power of words, when chosen correctly, can:

Create Change

Touch hearts and Teach minds

Motivate entire workforces

But, too many words can take away all the power, impact and attention in your presentation and turn your audience into a sea of smartphone screens.

Polishing your presentation is essential for making your talk tighter, more powerful and attention grabbing.

This is where I can Help You ——>  Fewer Words = Clearer Message


During our coaching session you will find out how to polish your presentation draft by:

Carving and clarifying your core message

Crafting a powerful opening and memorable ending

Creating maximum clarity with minimum words

InsertingYES ” questions into your script

Answering audience “WHY” questions in your script

Making calls to action crisp, clear and compelling

When you have your first draft in hand and are ready to put the polish on your presentation…


“Because Tania is herself an experienced award-winning speaker with years in this field, she knows exactly what to showcase in her clients, how to help them through the potential pitfalls, and how to catapult them into the success they’re after”
Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach


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