First (no charge) let’s talk about whether you and I will make a good team moving forward into your successful future project.

It is not a coaching call – its a 20 minute get to know each other call.

Please send me an email to before our 20 minute talk so I can be better prepared to get right to the heart of your needs.

Please try to address the following questions in your initial email:

*First Name 
*Last Name
How can I best help you?
1.)in-person coaching
2.)online coaching
3.)speech writing
5.)other (specify below)
What is the biggest problem you are having right now - and how can I help?
How far along in your speech/presentation writing are you?
1.)All ideas are still in my head
2.)First draft
How committed to your project are you?
1.)I want to take the next step and work with you
2.)I’m still gathering information
3.)I’m not sure

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