Tania is amazing

Tania is amazing!!! I met her through our mutual involvement at TEDxBearCreekPark- mine as a speaker, hers as a coach. Before Tania’s help, my script was coming along… but it was missing that special something that made it shine.

Tania worked with me to bring out the message in a clear, concise way. She worked WITH me, allowing my personality to meld with the script I had, and bringing out the gems.

Her kindness, compassion, and authenticity was clear right from the start, and it was truly evident she cared. I couldn’t have been more blessed to meet a lovelier person, I would without hesitation recommend Tania to anyone!

Hebah Hussaina
Founder and Director of Youth for Care
3rd year Science student at UBC

Tania was able to lift my skills

After years in politics and speaking in public, Tania was able to lift my skills as a presenter to a new level. She worked with me in a one-on-one custom coaching setting and helped me to become more natural, fluid and articulate in my delivery style. Tania’s specific, actionable feedback made it possible for me to maintain a strong presence from start to finish on my political platform, which I am pleased to say is where I will stay for another 4 year as Mayor.

Tania’s straight-forward, empathetic approach enabled me to stretch outside my comfort zone and achieve immediate results.

Maya Tait
Major of Sooke, B.C.

Most brilliant speaking coach I’ve ever worked with

My life changed the day I met Tania – she is the most brilliant speaking coach I’ve ever worked with – and she has spoiled me for any other coach, so I’m sticking with her! In a very short time, she has guided me to speak at both Get Inspired Vancouver and most recently at TEDx Bear Creek Park. I know this would not have happened without her.

Because Tania is herself an experienced award-winning speaker with years in this field, she knows exactly what to showcase in her clients, how to help them through the potential pitfalls, and how to catapult them into the success they’re after. Her lively spirit and wonderful sense of humour make it all fun – even the more challenging parts.

But what I appreciate most about Tania is her honesty. When she gives me constructive feedback, I know that she is teaching me to be the best speaker I can be. And when she tells me how well I’m doing, I know I can believe her – and that level of trust is hard to find.

If you’re looking for the best speaking coach in the world – in my opinion, of course (but I’m right!) – look no further. And enjoy the ride – you’ll have fun!

Candace Plattor, M.A., R.C.C.
Addictions Therapist

Best speaking coach I have ever encountered, period.

Tania is the best speaking coach I have ever encountered, period.

She has an uncanny talent with not just the detail work like stage choreography, vocal variety, and body language, but also the fiendishly subtle aspects of structure, theme, and emotional arc of a talk.

Her ability to reveal a speaker’s message and connect it to the target audience for maximum impact is simply unparalleled. Every time I construct a talk now, there is a little Tania in my head helping me make it better. Although that one is still not as good as the real one.

Peter Scott M.Sc
Author, Futurist, Business Consultant, International Keynote Speaker

Couldn’t have dreamed of a better coach

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better coach for my Tedx BearCreekPark talk, and I know I would never have been able to find my voice, speak with my heart and share my idea in the way I did without her.

She has an incredible gift of seeing you, your message and your ideas with a clarity and creativity that is hard to do alone and brings it all together to help you write and deliver a powerful presentation that is uniquely you. She changed my life for the better in the process. She truly is “Tania the Great!”

Nikki van Schyndel
Author, One of North America’s top Wilderness Survivalists.
Appears in History Channel’s television series Alone

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Tania is a rockstar. I met her during my TEDx Bear Creek Park talk preparations. Her speech structure and delivery feedback helped me take my talk to the next level. She worked with my personality and style, and my content was never compromised. Her insights and humor make it so enjoyable (and educational) to work.

I recommend Tania’s services without hesitation!

Vindy Teja, B.A. LL.B.
CDC Certified Divorce Coach®
CTA Certified Coach

The definition of passion and competence

Tania is the definition of passion and competence. I met Tania at a speaker workshop event intended for speakers on their journeys to impacting the world with their inspiring talks, which she graciously set up along with another speaking coach, Renee. I quickly learned about her infectious personality but also her passion for empowering speakers to reach new heights and their fullest potential.

From being a dynamic presenter at the workshop event, she quickly scaled to be an incredible coach. She dedicates hours on the phone and in person to help coach and guide speakers on areas like confidence, content, staging, to nervousness. You can tell that she’s 100% invested in your success and her passion is incredibly contagious. I definitely attribute a portion of the success at VGI to her guidance and coaching.

Sabrina Smai (Software Engineer, award winning hacker)