Personal Coaching

Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach
“ … As you coached us, your patience was so evident, as you worked with us week after week, pushing and cheering us on. I observed that you model what you coach. Though I teach every week, I learned much from you and believe you helped me to be a better communicator. …”
Rick Eby
Baptist Pastor

How Will You Feel…

Being Known as a

Confident,   Charismatic,   Communicator?

You can find out – because these are skills that can be acquired. They are not inborn qualities that – you either have or you don’t – these are personality traits that can be learned.

Many of you already have most of the skills and talents it takes to be a “good speaker”… 

But, if you are looking to:

Wow your audience with a powerful speech

Deliver a perfect pitch

Give the best presentation

You are looking to be a GREAT SPEAKER, and that takes 

MBVM preparation…Mind – Body – Voice – Message.

I believe that your speaking style should be as unique as you – it is the only way to express your authentic self – and your ultimate success as a communicator depends upon it. 

Coaching is not ‘one size fits all’ advice

This is why I take a completely Individualized Approach to coaching.

As your coach we will:

– Clarify what matters most to you

– Build a firm foundation with Stage Presence

– Create your MBVM framework

– Find authentic, impactful language that works well when spoken by You

– Design a delivery that showcases the…Confident, Charismatic, Communicator…You have Become

When you start developing new public speaking methods and skills – it may feel uncomfortable at first – you may feel awkward – you may feel like you look awkward but learning any new skill and behaviour often feels this way.  No one learned how to be a GREAT SPEAKER sitting in the audience so…

If you want your Speech, Pitch or Presentation to be the one they use as an example of what a GREAT SPEAKER sounds like…


 Speakers Coach . Communication Expert . Presentation Designer

Empowering Your Voice … One Word at a Time 

“I'm so glad for my great speaking coach, Tania made my Eulogy into the memorial he deserved and the pride I felt is a memory I now cherish”
Carla Lawson
Coquitlam, B.C.