Empowering Your Voice … One Word at a Time

Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach

Imagine …

Stepping off the stage – Walking out of the Boardroom – Leaving the Podium – Saying To Yourself   “I Did It – I Feel Great – I Want to do it Again”

Hi I’m Tania,

What I Do is – Help You – move your audience from where they were when they walked in – to where You Want them to be – when You walk out.

Whether you are:

Motivating them into making a move in their thoughts, behaviours, ideas

Inspiring them to take Brave New Action

Informing them of a better way to do business

During our coaching sessions You Will find out:

How To upscale your stage presence and captivate your audience

How To master your message and communicate with confidence

How To bring power to your presentation and launch your listeners into action

I’m dedicated to Helping You realize your full Public Speaking Potential

How will You feel – during Your standing ovation?


Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach

Speakers Coach . Communication Expert . Presentation Designer

Personal Coaching

Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach
“ … As you coached us, your patience was so evident, as you worked with us week after week, pushing and cheering us on. I observed that you model what you coach. Though I teach every week, I learned much from you and believe you helped me to be a better communicator. …”
Rick Eby
Baptist Pastor

How Will You Feel…

Being Known as a

Confident,   Charismatic,   Communicator?

You can find out – because these are skills that can be acquired. They are not inborn qualities that – you either have or you don’t – these are personality traits that can be learned.

Many of you already have most of the skills and talents it takes to be a “good speaker”… 

But, if you are looking to:

Wow your audience with a powerful speech

Deliver a perfect pitch

Give the best presentation

You are looking to be a GREAT SPEAKER, and that takes 

MBVM preparation…Mind – Body – Voice – Message.

I believe that your speaking style should be as unique as you – it is the only way to express your authentic self – and your ultimate success as a communicator depends upon it. 

Coaching is not ‘one size fits all’ advice

This is why I take a completely Individualized Approach to coaching.

As your coach we will:

– Clarify what matters most to you

– Build a firm foundation with Stage Presence

– Create your MBVM framework

– Find authentic, impactful language that works well when spoken by You

– Design a delivery that showcases the…Confident, Charismatic, Communicator…You have Become

When you start developing new public speaking methods and skills – it may feel uncomfortable at first – you may feel awkward – you may feel like you look awkward but learning any new skill and behaviour often feels this way.  No one learned how to be a GREAT SPEAKER sitting in the audience so…

If you want your Speech, Pitch or Presentation to be the one they use as an example of what a GREAT SPEAKER sounds like…


 Speakers Coach . Communication Expert . Presentation Designer

Empowering Your Voice … One Word at a Time 

“I'm so glad for my great speaking coach, Tania made my Eulogy into the memorial he deserved and the pride I felt is a memory I now cherish”
Carla Lawson
Coquitlam, B.C.

Corporate Presentations

Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach
“I couldn’t believe my luck in finding Tania when I got the chance to give a TEDx talk. She knew just how to crack some of my greatest difficulties, presentation problems I’ve had for decades. She addressed everything from messaging, theme and structure, to intonation, choreography and gestures.”
Peter Scott
Futurist, Speaker, Author

Imagine what life would be like…

If you knew that every time you took the stage, the boardroom, the podium, people would immediately take notice, want to hear what you had to say…and would lean in to listen to you.

Quoting business author Brian Tracy, Richard Branson writes:

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.”

Communication is an art – not a science – there is no template that can be easily replicated from one person to another – But – there are techniques and strategies that have stood the test of time and have proven to be successful, over and over again.

Professionals who can infuse these proven skills with their own authentic style, expressing themselves creatively and effectively, are powerful tools in a company arsenal.

This is where I can Help You

Whether you are looking to grow your business or grow in your business, public speaking is an essential skill for Today’s Business. You and Your presentation need to rise above your competitors, colleagues and co-presenters.

Coaching provides you the opportunity to reach your full Public Speaking Potential, and this is how we are going to do just that.

During our Coaching Sessions you will find out how to:

  • Prepare an Audience Analysis
  • Build your Stage Presence Platform
  • Master the ‘Economy of Words’
  • Craft a vivid message that can be recalled and repeated
  • Prepare to move your audience into action
  • Deliver a presentation with Confidence in your Competence

When you are ready to speak to any individual, to any company, to any organization, anywhere in the world…


Speakers Coach . Communication Expert . Presentation Designer 


Empowering Your Voice … One Word at a Time

“… Your constant encouragement and positive guidance transformed our presentation. When I look back at the original script and what we ended up doing - it is like day and night. …”
Don Brown
Sooke Region Multi-Belief Initiative

Speech Writing

Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach
“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”
Thomas Jefferson

What If …

Every time you delivered a speech, everyone was hanging on your every word?

What If …

Everything you said was being thought over and absorbed by your listeners?

The captivating power of words, when chosen correctly, can:

Create Change

Touch hearts and Teach minds

Motivate entire workforces

But, too many words can take away all the power, impact and attention in your presentation and turn your audience into a sea of smartphone screens.

Polishing your presentation is essential for making your talk tighter, more powerful and attention grabbing.

This is where I can Help You ——>  Fewer Words = Clearer Message


During our coaching session you will find out how to polish your presentation draft by:

Carving and clarifying your core message

Crafting a powerful opening and memorable ending

Creating maximum clarity with minimum words

InsertingYES ” questions into your script

Answering audience “WHY” questions in your script

Making calls to action crisp, clear and compelling

When you have your first draft in hand and are ready to put the polish on your presentation…

Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach

Speakers Coach . Communication Expert . Presentation Designer 

Empowering Your Voice … One Word at a Time

“Tania's joy is so contagious which to me is a gift, I find her enthusiasm and knowledge about public speaking amazingly motivating. I had never pictured myself speaking other than at the front of the classroom. Now through the expertise of Tania’s amazing authentic coaching style, I’m about to enter a competition”
Tracy Waters
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


Tania Ehman, Speakers Coach
"There are a great many 'wetless' bathing suits worn at the seashore, but no one ever learns to swim in them. To plunge is the only way."
Dale Carnegie
The Art of Public Speaking

“Confidence changes Everything” 

Want to Power Up your Public Speaking Potential?

Good !

Because that is exactly what I can help you do.

Hi, I’m Tania. I’m thrilled you’re here – because – we’re a lot alike, you and me. We are part of ‘The Few’ that  stand up while the rest stay seated.

I’ve Been There Too!

I’ve stood in the cross-hairs of an audience in the “Discomfort Zone”, facing a high-stakes presentation. I am an International Award Winning competitive speaker. When the spotlight goes on there are No words to waste, No missing the mark on your message and No time to lose focus while the clock is ticking.

Public speaking and presenting challenges everyone on multiple levels – it is not a one dimensional  action. It takes MBVM preparation – Mind, Body, Voice, Message – all working together to get the job done right.

What I Can Offer You

Today, I am a Speakers Coach, Competitive Speaker, Wife, Mother and Hybrid Wolf trainer.

Meet Tuluka;

I draw upon my past real life, in-the-trenches, business experience in Securities, Real Estate, Marketing and Hospitality to help presenters on all platforms master their message for maximum impact.

I pass forward my knowledge in Cognitive, Social and Behavioral Psychology which allows presenters to gain insight into the minds of their audience.

I share my skills in screenplay writing to emphasize the difference between writing to speak and writing to read.

In 19 competitions between 2015 and 2017 I placed 1st, 15 times and 2nd, twice, with my favourite and most memorable second place putting me in the worlds top 20 speakers in The International World Championship of Public Speaking Competition in Washington DC in 2016.

I continue to research and learn new techniques each day that stretch and strengthen my own ideas about what it means to be confident in front of a crowd, to be charismatic in style and how to connect with the hearts and minds of my audience.

Which Brings Me to You

Do you have a coach?

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player” Bill Gates

A coach helps you prepare for the most crucial task ahead of you. 

When the crucial task is your High-Stakes presentation, no matter what platform you find yourself standing on, you want to feel confident in your competence.

At the heart of my work is a simple, but powerful question: 

“What is YOUR Message?”

My goal – is to help you reach your highest level of Public Speaking Potential and tap into your deepest strengths.

Speakers Coach . Communication Expert . Presentation Designer 


Empowering Your Voice … One Word at a Time

“… I’ve seen many top presentations coaches and she is the one I want to work with to take my speaking career to the next level. I truly believe that with Tania’s help there is no limit to that …”
Peter Scott
Futurist, Speaker, Author